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Matrimony ID: A235288DM Profile ID: A235288
: 29 Yrs., 188 Cms.
: Hindu
: Pillai
: Technician
: Tamil Nadu, India
Matrimony ID: A236164DM Profile ID: A236164
: 30 Yrs., 175 Cms.
: Hindu
: Lohar
: Business
: Jharkhand, India
Matrimony ID: A235837DM Profile ID: A235837
: 30 Yrs., 172 Cms.
: Hindu
: Madiga
: Others
: Telangana, India
Matrimony ID: A235550DM Profile ID: A235550
: 28 Yrs., 163 Cms.
: Hindu
: Brahmin - Bhardwaj
: Not working
: Chhattisgarh, India
Matrimony ID: A246398DM Profile ID: A246398
: 26 Yrs., 165 Cms.
: Hindu
: Dusadh (Paswan)
: Business
: Delhi, India
Matrimony ID: A235801DM Profile ID: A235801
: 26 Yrs., 170 Cms.
: Hindu
: Brahmin - Others
: CXO/President/Director/Chairman
: Uttar Pradesh, India
Direct matrimony is a free Indian matrimonial site, which gives you all the options to fill in the necessary information for creating an Indian matrimonial profile. The registration form contains names of all the states and districts of India, it also lists out all the religions and casts of India. Most of the marriages in the Hindu community is based on horoscope match, so provision for specifying the horoscope details is also available, inputs such as birth star, time of birth, place of birth can be saved in your profile. While searching for profiles, results can be listed based on the religion alone without even specifying any castes; this option is useful if you are not particular about caste. Caste-no-bar provision is also provided so that after specifying the desired religion and caste if caste-no-bar is checked result will show caste-no-bar profiles plus the profiles with the caste and religion you have specified in the search criteria. All the birth stars based on Indian astrology is listed so that when creating your profile you can specify your birth star.

Direct matrimony believes in getting married as soon as possible rather than staying unmarried for a long time in search of a perfect horoscope match. Since people in India strongly believe in astrology we do see lots of Hindu people having difficulty in finding a perfect match. Since most of the matrimonial sites do not provide a chat interface, we believe that the browser based chat interface provided by direct matrimony may prove to be helpful in finding a life partner through acquaintance rather than waiting indefinite without getting a chance to communicate with a prospective match. If people who are looking for a match is provided with an interface to communicate it is likely that they find a match quickly, and if they are interested in each other then horoscope mismatch may not be a constraint. Most of the matrimonial sites found on the internet do not honestly try to help members to get married, at direct matrimony few or our employees have found it very difficult, even if they pay for a membership they are not getting the desired help and support, all the matrimonial sites is after your money, there seems to be no value for your money or time. This is where direct matrimony comes into picture a free Indian matrimonial site with honest value based service with at most respect for your trust.

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