Freequently Asked Questions

How to change password?
First login to your account then click 'Settings' menu and click "Change Password", a page will be displayed for entering new password.

How to delete my profile?
To delete your profile, Step (1) login to your account, Step (2) select menu "Settings -> Delete Profile" and Step (3) click "Delete Profile" button.

How do I send personalized message?
After logging in find a desired match, click "send message" link, a new page will be displayed for inputting a message, click the "send message", your message will be sent. Alternatively you can send an email directly if the profile shows his/her email id.

How many images can I upload to my profile?
Due to web server storage space constraints only one picture is allowed.

Can I upload horoscope image?
Yes you can specify horoscope details like date and time of birth, or you can upload a scanned horoscope image file.

How to disable/enable my profile?
Login with your login information, click setting menu select "Enable/Disable" and click disable profile, you can enable your profile back by clicking the enable profile button.