Why direct matrimony is a free matrimonial site?

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: 29 Yrs., 160 Cms.
: Hindu - Agri
: Accounts/Finance Professional
: Uttar Pradesh, India
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: Hindu - Adi Dravida
: Software Professional
: Tamil Nadu, India
Why direct matrimony is free. Why not be a paid matrimonial website with plenty of membership packages and payment options. Well first off, at direct matrimony we mean no business. We are not maintaining this website to help the poor and the oppressed. We are putting in our effort to help people get ahead with their lives, we feel very well satisfied when people use our website to find a match rather than looking a profile which they are unable to contact. Well they may be having enough money to become a paid member on other matrimonial websites, yet they wont pay because they might already have paid a lot money to these so called matrimonial websites or they would be confused even if they contact a profile whether it would work out or not.
Even if the technology has advanced so so much people are not getting the help they really need, instead all they find over the internet is plenty of websites asking for money again and again by showing off profiles which they are unable to contact. In the good old days people only had to pay the person who finds the right marriage. But these days the technology has evolved and advanced so much that people keep paying money to total strangers and only end up staying unmarried. These matrimonial sites are the only gainers in the game while the pathetic youngsters who look for a match keep sitting in front of their computers looking at profile which they are unable to contact. Maintaining a free matrimonial site with the necessary functionalities which really helps in finding a match is not an uphill task nor it costs trillions of dollars, all you need is the attitude to help others. The maintenance cost for a matrimonial site is actually a tiny fraction of what they currently generate from the public. At direct matrimony we personally have experienced lots of issues with these paid matrimonial sites which have propelled us to create a website like this. We mean no competition, ours is a website just like one of those free matrimonial sites on the internet.
We don’t want to promote direct matrimony, we don’t want beat other matrimonial websites what we are trying to do is to help people live their life happily. We hate matrimonial sites which collects the data of all the people trying to get married and make them unable to contact unless they pay. Every member of these paid websites may be wanting to create a free matrimonial website, but only those who have technical expertise can make it happen.