Tips for getting engaged for a successful marriage

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Well its everyone’s dream to have a perfect married life. Unlike western countries in India parents are very careful in finding a match for their son or daughter, to some extent it’s like gambling, even if they check and verify all the aspects when finding a match few of them always end up seeing their son or daughter getting divorced. In India divorce is considered only when no other options are found for leading a peaceful married life. So why do they get separated even if they said yes to getting married when they were asked whether they are willing to get married. The root cause behind the repulsion cannot be explained using a few words; it’s a decision which is the outcome of so many discrepancies and unadjustable behaviors built up over time. Sometime causes may also arise from problems like sexual disorders, not attracted to each other, but that is a different scenario which both or one of them may have been aware off before they got married and those things are not developed after getting married. If divorce happens just because the husband and wife are unable to live together happily then the primary reason for that is the lack of knowledge about each others’ character. In western countries to some extent divorce happens not just because they are unable to live together, but because they get bored off with each other and when they feel like finding a new partner or a change in life. But in India the culture is different where marriage is considered sacred and everlasting.

So in order to make sure that your marriage becomes successful you have to know each others’ character in advance, and that’s the key to success. So if you plan to get engaged and if its an arranged marriage then if possible try to talk to the proposed bride or groom as much as possible. Try to find out his/her likes and dislikes, also express your expectations and visualizations about a married life and ask about his/her opinion about yours thoughts. Mostly to around 70 % matches are likely to be compatible and the thoughts and feelings towards building a family are same . Since no man or woman is perfect, and since people and thoughts are different the remaining 30 % may fall in to the category where problems arise or situations which can lead to a divorce can occur. So if you are more careful about your life and if you are very particular about your life partner, try to know as much as you can about the proposed bride or groom before getting engaged for an arranged marriage. What the parents say or present about a proposed bride or groom may not exactly be what he/she may be in real. So knowing and understanding helps you make up your mind to get engaged to the proposed bride or groom, or you can decide not to if he/she is not meeting your expectations. After all the marriage is for you and you are the one to make the final decision.