How to raise your child for the perfect marriage?

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Well its every parents dream to have a perfect marriage for their son or daughter. But often most of them are not able to raise their child to fulfill their dreams. To have a perfect marriage and a relationship with a family meeting their standards or status basically depends on what their son or daughter is at the time of looking for a marital relationship. Most of the parents only find the seriousness of the situation only at time when find difficulty in inviting proposals of getting your son or daughter ready to invite proposals, in fact every parents should think about this in advance. If proposals are for their son, the main questions is about the job he has, or how easy is it find a job. The point is, when their child is being taught in school or college, everybody would be emphasizing the importance of getting a job after he or she finishes the studies, but not how a job fulfills his or her dream.

At the time of being in a school or college, a kid may not foresee the importance of a job or life, at that time or age he or she would be turned or by the attraction or beauty towards opposite sex, especially during teen age. So its advisable to tell your child that if you study hard and get high marks in the examinations you will get a job easily so that you can marry a cutest girl or guy you like or else you wont get a girl to marry or no father would give a bride. That’s the catching phrase that most of the parents miss out when trying to advice their child when he or she is not showing importance to their studies. Mostly this trick only works if you have a boy child, yet the same trick can be applied to a girl child, by saying that if you study hard and excel in your studies you would get a job easily so that you can marry a handsome guy of your dreams and have perfect little family with cute little kids, so and so, believe it or not it really works. A girl gives more importance to life and values than a boy child, but boys are too much attracted to opposite sex than girls. A little bit of scary advice can also be applied to girl children by saying that if you don’t get a job you will have to marry a guy who you may not like and life will be full of home chores, etc. Things can go awry if he or she finds a soul mate while they are doing their studies. Basically that’s what every life is all about, having a good marriage and a family, and getting a decent job just paves the way for building up a perfect little family. So instead of just highlighting the task of just getting a job, just shed some light on how a job can change your life. If you are not getting a job then you won’t get a cute bride or groom. And not just any job would do the trick, try to find a secure job that can help build a family.