Indian Marriage Engagement

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In India engagement is considered as the declaration by two families that two of their family members are going to get married soon on a specified date at a specified location. The event can be small or big as per the interest of the families, mostly it has to be small compared to the wedding that is about to happen. Most of the intimate relatives and friends of both the families are gathered at the event, and of course food and drinks has to be served. The main part of the event is the exchanging of rings by the proposed bride and groom, and in Hindu community exchanging of horoscope is customary, once this is over both bride and groom are allowed to know more about each other, like talking over telephone, etc. Once the proposed bride and groom are engaged and if there is not enough time before the big day then it’s high time both the families start getting busy preparing the wedding. Even if it’s like a few months left it’s like a blink of an eye. Arrangements for the wedding, like booking wedding hall, catering, shopping, etc. have to be done lightening fast. In the mean time the proposed bride and groom will be busy flirting each other.

Mostly after engagement it is considered like no going back its like they are bound to get married, unless something really bad pops up, which is highly unlikely. But rarely it does happen, because if the proposed bride and groom are new to each other and starts knowing each other for the first time and if they feel uncomfortable from each others’ behavior then that can lead to complications and a possible breakup. And if the engagement is cancelled then it is considered a bad mark for both the proposed bride and groom because when they try to find a new match after this it is likely that the newly proposed bride’s or groom’s family might come to know about this cancelled wedding or engagement. To some extend it is considered as a semi-divorce, because either one of this groom or bride should be considered unadjustable, and it is difficult to find who is the one with the problem. It doesn’t always have to be the issue with the bride or groom, things might have gotten heated up because of some other issues between the two families, but if the bride and groom are attracted to each other then every other problems solve by itself. Since both the families do realize the fact that if the engagement is broken by a problem not related to bride or groom then the bride and groom are being the scapegoats, and they would let that happen.