Love marriage or arranged marriage which one is good for you?

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Well there is no perfect or definitive answer to this question, both has its pros and cons. Basically it’s just the two ways to get married, no matter its arranged or by falling in love the life after that is what matters. Nobody finds a life partner in his or her life with this question in mind, it’s a matter of fate. But to some extent love marriage has an edge because a successful marital relationship depends on knowing each other better, so falling in love and getting married gives you the idea of who or what your life partner really is and what his/her likes and dislikes are. In western countries people get married only after knowing each other well, there is no arranged marriage and knowing the partner after marriage. So in love marriages only if you like each others’ character then only you fall in love. Some say love marriages are a failure, but we say love marriages has the chance of success than arranged marriages, but what constitutes the failure is the lack of family support in cases when the marriage is inter-caste or inter-religious.

In India where people come from different cast and religions the possibility of man and woman falling in love from different backgrounds are very high, so when this happens the only resistance they face is from their family members, in such circumstances they are deprived of financial and moral support which can lead to breakup after marriage. Time has changed, now-a-days in arranged marriage also the bride and groom do get the privilege of falling in love, the so called engagement period is meant to be used falling in love, liking, knowing each other, etc. But their lies a small truth which people mostly don’t realize is that the real love marriage couple do start liking or loving each other when they are not mature enough, means they start loving each other in their college days, or while they are doing their studies. At that time they may even be minors, may be unemployed, they are totally blind in the attraction towards the opposite sex. So in the case of inter-caste or inter-religious love marriage they only realize that its bittersweet only after getting married. On the other hand in the arranged marriage during the engagement period couples start falling in love where they enjoy all sorts of support be in financial or moral. The only tiny little hiccup is will they get along, well mostly it does. So now a days arranged marriage has the mix of both the versions of getting married, arranged and love marriages, first parents find the match for their son or daughter and during the engagement period they start loving each other. The reverse order also do happen, in certain cases when couple fall in love and if they are few miss matches certain families try to ignore those problems and for the sake of their children they agree to the wedding, so the love affair can lead to practically an arranged marriage.