Should I have had a love marriage than arranged marriage?

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Well after getting married did you ever wish you should have had a love marriage rather that having an arranged marriage in your life. The answer to that is a bit confusing because to some extend, if you believe in horoscope, at the end of your life if you look back to your life you may see some similarity in the way you lived your life with the ‘dashas’ generated in your horoscope. It may not be hundred percent true but to some extend it may be correct, so if you lived a life like that then isn’t it okay to say that your life was already defined prior to your birth or wasn’t your life was being guided, well that’s an interesting question. So if you were to get married by falling or in love or by being arranged by your parents then it means your life was meant to be life that. Knowingly on unknowingly it seems that peoples life are connected to each other, it seem really odd but with innumerable possibilities and permutations of events and choices that’s happening in everyone’s life will affect every other person so that his or her life was meant to be like that.

Believe it or not at the end of your life only you realize that certain small things would have made a huge impact on your life. For instance if you had fallen in love with a colleague or a friend then wasn’t it possible because you quit another job or didn’t complete a course in time. So the bottom line is believe it or not even if you try really hard and if you are not getting what you want in your life then its happening like that because your life is meant to be like that. So if you got married by falling in love then your life was meant to be like that and if you gotten married by arranged then is was defined already. But those who really fall in love do get to realize the greatest feeling of being a human being ‘love’, that is really one of the amazing part which often get missed during certain arranged marriage. This is where the western culture do get full marks, they only get married after loving each other and knowing each other well in advance. One can try to have a love marriage in his or her life but its all about luck, circumstances and support, finding a man or woman of likeness from the same community with a job, status, etc. This is where Direct Matrimony is trying to make a difference in your life, browse our database with the required search criteria and find a match, if the match is ok initiate a contact and talk to their parents and if everything is okay then go ahead.