Indian Marriage Proposals

Matrimony ID: A221959Profile ID: A221959
: 26 Yrs., 167 Cms.
: Buddhist - Unspecified
: Engineer - Non IT
: Maharashtra, India
Matrimony ID: A232882Profile ID: A232882
: 26 Yrs., 175 Cms.
: Hindu - Chandravanshi Kahar
: Business
: Maharashtra, India
Unless you have found your true love in your regular life, like a falling in love with someone you know and propose him or her, at some point in your twenties you and your parents have to invite marriage proposals for you. Believe it or not for some people getting married will be like a walk in the park and on the other hand for some people its going to be really difficult, it depends, and not to mention if you belong to Hindu community and if you are having any horoscope issues then that is a big reason to worry. The real question when you plan to invite proposals is, am I ready to get married? Well the answer totally depends on whether you are a guy or a girl. If you are a girl then the decision is all up to you and your family and when you feel like wanting to get married. And the answer is not easy if you are a guy, for a guy it doesn’t matter whether he is an Indian or American, the most daunting question is, are you financially independent, this means do you have a secure job or do you have a regular income if you are into business or do have a place to live, etc. In this age of inflation and recession, its not just that easy to have a secure job, and if you are into business competition is right behind you. Every parents at least in India look for what job a guy has when they try to find a proposal for their daughter, hats off to the proposals if the proposed groom has secured a job in govt. sector. A few years ago before the so called recession in the US (2002-2008) most of the parents where after guys with high paid jobs in the technology industry, things have changed a bit after these private sector jobs has seen some layoffs, but still techie guys do have a priority than guys having jobs in other industries.

Basically for a guy in India it’s like a challenge to get married, to marry someone who is really cute and who is up to his expectation he should have a really good job, and to find a real good job its not that easy in this age where “life is a race”. Its competition every where be it at kindergarten or at medical entrance examination. Situation is not like the good old days when you come out of the professional college and go straight to join in govt. service. Time has changed, its not that easy to do business as well, the price rise, inflation, climate change which has changed the lives of common man has left the country struggle through a difficult time which has also redefined the life of the younger generation especially if you are a male. If you are person who already has a home which is inherited from your parents and own a few property then you may feel a bit relieved since you can get ahead with your life if you get a good job. On the other hand if you are about to build your home as well as feed your family then getting a small job wont fulfill your dreams. No matter whether you are employed or unemployed time waits for nobody and you have to do what you have to do at the right time. You cannot get married to fulfill your dreams in your forties, so inviting proposals at the right time can be only achieved if you think about your future in advance, or you have to use the smart and easy way, find the love of your life in your regular life and fall in love to get married at the right time. If you fall in love every other thoughts about job, home, inflation, etc. will be forgotten at least for a while.