When should I start inviting proposals or when should I get married?

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When should I start inviting proposals or when should I get married? Well it’s a fascinating or rather intriguing question. If you are a man and if you are capable of feeding a family then you are in charge, because as long as you are in your twenties you have the chance of finding a life partner of your dreams. On the other hand if don’t have a job or a steady income then you are out of context, you need not answer the question. The question can have a lot of meaning if you are a woman be one with a job or without a job, because woman with a job or without a job have more or less same demand on the marriage market because few men like their wife to be a homemaker and few would like having a wife with a job. So lets just put this working women concept aside and ask the question when would you like to get married to a girl no matter she is employed or not, you need not wait long enough to hear the answer “hmmm…. not now” from an average Indian girl.

The reason most of them would say is that they want to study more or find a job, or need to build a career, etc. But the bottom line is that they enjoy the freedom of being unmarried, they like living with their parents and want to enjoy the life where they were born, the life of a girl changes entirely as soon as she is married, and fate shall decide how the rest of her life is. Of course a woman’s life will change after getting married, but the answer “not now” can make serious changes in her life knowingly or unknowingly, because as each day passes by the chance of getting a husband of her expectation decreases. The best advice to a woman is to workout possibilities, means, start inviting proposals after reaching twenty two years of age, let a few men come to see her and pick the right guy only if he matches her expectations. The earlier you start this process the more chance you have to find a man of your dreams rather than not seeing any of them. Its very much recommended if you are not so good looking, if you are very glamorous then you could get a handsome guy even if you invite proposals a bit late. If you belong to hindu community check your horoscope to see if it have any manglik issues or anything like that and if you have any problems in your horoscope then you should start inviting proposals as early as possible. After all its your life and you only have one life to play with so think wisely.